Assassins Creed GFX

what do yall think?

i make gfx for fun, usually dont get too many customers, not sure why tho :confused:

[this was not a commission]

portfolio :


it is cool, but it is very grainy.

if you are in Blender 2.9:

go to the Render tab, click Denoising, like this:

Make sure Render Denoising is on, and Viewport Denoising is off.

btw, I love the rock texture. You really nailed that!

I am just realizing, this is a pretty awesome render!

I love the reflections on the clothes, lighting is spot on, and the shading and textures are superb!


I 100% agree. It is pretty grainy but I really like the texture and how the avatar stands out. Great job!

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Do you mind telling me why the no-face trend is a thing? I’m curious.


I think it’s just an aesthetic thing. It only works with certain genres, I used it because I couldn’t decide what face to use. So I said, “Who needs a face?”.

I think it started from Anime GFX though.

You need a face for this scene?
try Serious Scar face. but you need to edit the scar out. and you can choose to remove the eyes or not.

The background looks fantastic and the character’s textures are very high quality. I wouldn’t really say the the graininess is an issue as you’ve established it’s an aesthetic thing that won’t even be noticeable when put into the size of a roblox thumbnail

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