Assassin's Creed outfit - Arno Victor Dorian

Decided to do an outfit based off of the promotional character design from Assassin’s Creed Unity, technically it isn’t ‘the’ outfit as the game requires you to make your own Assassin’s outfit, however it is the one Ubisoft have been using…the canon outfit if you like.

EDIT: Okay so since my initial post I have actual finished the outfit this time, and the quickly made advert to go alongside it (No good at rendering, so did my tweaks with a paintbrush instead):

Other links:

Front preview:
Back preview:
Template (shirt):
Template (pants):

Oh that is sooo cool. How long did it take?

It’s probably taken about ten hours so far? half of that time is just spent adjusting and re-doing things though.

This is awesome. Maybe you could fix the arms by making the bottom section slightly darker or by increasing the shading beneath the cut-off?

I think to me, part of the problem with the arms is that the shading makes it look like a very thin fabric…where-as other parts of the outfit go against that.

For an example of what I mean view the “back” image. The torso gives the impression of a reasonably thick fabric where-as the arms make it look like another altogether.

If anybody was actually genuinely interested I have now put it on sale:

If I get around to it I hope to start advertising it tomorrow. Given the games release on Tuesday I should probably try and get it up as soon as possible if I’m to get more sales from it.