Assemblies suddenly stop working after a period of stopping

Reproduction Steps
This is an interesting bug, I’ve noticed it happen in at least four games, if a physical assembley is stopped with no movement for a period of time. Roblox will make the assembley lose client ownership.

This generally might make sense, but for games that rely on client ownership for physics, this drastically breaks them. It breaks almost every physics-heavy game.

Expected Behavior
The network owner of the assembley should never be taken away from the client if they own it.

Actual Behavior
The assembley flashes for a short period of time (since it’s getting positioned to astronomical numbers) and then suddenly stops working, in Retail Tycoon 2, one of the games where this issue occurs, it can fling the vehicle or even crash the game. What I believe is happening is, the client is losing network ownership (since characters become more stuttery around it) and Roblox is freaking out since the part has teleported a few hundred blocks, resorting to flinging it.

The visual aid im providing is from Plane Crazy where it also happens reliably, more often when around other clients.

Issue Area: Engine
Issue Type: Performance
Impact: High
Frequency: Constantly


Thank you for the report, can you confirm if this is still happening? This morning I turned off something that was causing issues in Plane Crazy, I suspect it was also causing this issue but I want to make sure.

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Cant seem to encounter the issue anymore. So yea, definitely something related to that.

Never mind, just had it happen again, it seems to just happen less frequently now


Hmmm alright, we have a separate ticket for this issue. We will look into it.

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While experimenting with the creation of the user i have noticed another weird replication behaviour, somehow the player got stuck or frozen to the creation and it got unstuck after the player started moving again.

I am unsure whether it has to do with the issue or has been happening for a longer time, but its still some weird behaviour that should not be there.

Is this issue still occurring?