Assembling a Team for a Sci-Fi-type Game

Hi there. I’m VeryRBLX and I’m currently looking for developers who are willing to form a team for a sci-fi racing game with hoverboards! I draw inspiration from the Sonic Riders series and the way the game is played.


It’s a unique game that nobody had thought about when it released. It was an interesting take on the future and I want to make a game similar to the uniqueness of this, along with your help, of course.

What I’m Looking for

I’m looking for a scripter (or two), a 3D modeller, another builder, and some help with SFX.


I can’t afford to pay anybody on this project. I’m hoping we can negotiate on a percentage, as well as getting some investors on board with this game.


If you are interested, you can contact me on

DevForums: VeryRBLX
Twitter: @VeryRBLX
Discord: VeryRBLX#9539

Thank you for your interest!

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Check your Twitter @David_WingItMan

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