Asset "failed to load in"- possible solutions?

Is there a way to ensure that certain assets/assetIds load in and don’t fail (i.e. images, animations, etc)? I’ve encountered this issue a lot and I’m not sure how it can be solved.

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  1. do you have permission to use them?
  2. have by deleted ?
  3. do you try to restart roblox studio ?
    it happens to me often and often I’m just restarting roblox studio
  1. Yes, I own them
  2. Nope, they’re still there
  3. This mostly happens in-game but it happens in studio a fair amount too
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Are you using ContentProvider? or is it just overall loading problems?

I didn’t use ContentProvider; just loading the animations at runtime and the images whenever they showed up on the screen I guess. Does ContentProvider ensure that assets load in correctly?

Also, is there a way to make sure people’s mesh R15 body parts don’t fail to load in?

I’m not sure but I have experienced problems with loading things such as decals with ContentProvider before so I was just wondering if that could be causing it. For stuff like meshes I have no idea this area isn’t really my specialty but it can’t hurt to try to load meshes/parts with ContentProvider.

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