Asset ID of a Decal

Is it possible to attempt to obtain the asset ID of a decal from a user inputting the decal ID into a text box of a gui? Trying to allow users a much simpler way to input a decal into the game without having to search for the ID.

Basically, trying to let users upload their paint schemes, so they can see what it looks like on a car mesh.

This is what happens when you input the decal id:

And then after removing one from the decal id multiple times:

To my knowledge, there isn’t a proper way to do it, but…

On an item’s page, I have a ‘content’ tab I can switch to which shows all the textures/meshes/etc. that are part of an asset. Not sure if this is Roblox+ or just a Roblox update, but either way that means there is some way to do it.

You could try asking WebGL3D (the creator of Roblox+).

That’s a Roblox+ thing. I certainly don’t have it.

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You can try using InsertService:LoadAsset(assetId) on the ID and looking up the Texture property of the decal inserted. To be sure, you can use MarketplaceService to check if the ID is a proper decal and not, say, a model or a sound.


Perhaps, you can just add an ImageLabel that the size of it is set to like {0,1 , 0,1} where you can barely see it or just make it invisible, And then whenever a user inputs a decal ID into the TextBox and they click the “Apply” button, It will take the decal ID and insert it into the ImageLabel, wait a few seconds until the ID is properly inserted and loaded, then take the texture ID from the ImageLabel and replace the text in the TextBox with the texture ID or just straightly take the texture ID and insert it into the car.

Well, that’s my workaround, not sure if other people have an easier way.

All my extension does is pull down the asset content, and parse anything out that looks like a content url and gets the ids from there.
This is about the same thing as @CodingLucas is suggesting, I would recommend his answer as what you are looking for.

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Finally gave this a run. Works like a dream. Thanks.