Asset Importer progress halts at 100% when importing mesh as package

When importing a custom mesh into Roblox Studio and selecting ‘Import as Package’, the asset importer’s progress bar will stay stuck at 100% and bring up multiple errors in the output window.

(Text version of the error message is attached)

Intel(R) Core™ i5-10400F CPU @ 2.90GHz, Radeon RX 580 Series

Error happened without plugins, without any beta features enabled.

Expected behavior

if working correctly, the Asset Importer should import my custom mesh as a package, without any error(s) or freezing.

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Thanks for the report! We were able to replicate on our end and are moving to patch this.

Warm Regards,

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Hello there!

I just enabled the fix, if you restart studio the error should no longer occur. Sorry about the disruption to your workflow, please let me know if the issues persist.

Just tested on a fresh experience, issue seems to have been solved! Thank you both, I appreciate it a ton!!

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