Asset Inserter Plugin

Asset Inserter ● UI Easing Reference


This plugin lets you insert assets from the Roblox website.

What would I use this for?

Usually you would use this for looking inside the source code of plugins. You can also use this with website modules to look at the source code without having to get the model.


  • Easily insert these assets with the click of a button*

    • Models
    • Decals
    • Meshes
    • Plugins
    • Animations
  • Works with both Roblox Studio themes



Plugin link

Get the source code

If you want to get all the source code of this plugin, put this into your Roblox Studio command bar and press enter. This will extract the contents of the plugin to the workspace which you can then view/edit.

for _, object in pairs(game:GetObjects("rbxassetid://6233537049")) do object.Parent = workspace end


All inserted items go into the Workspace.

Tell me any bugs, feature requests, and more in the replies.

*Paid plugins and private models are not insertable. This is just something Roblox protects on their side. It makes sense why it is blocked.


Isn’t there a extension for this called Roblox BTR+?

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This downloads it into your game, so you can also modify the files. BTR just shows the code on the website.

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so I can literally put in a game id like jailbreak and copy it with scripts?


No, this is for models and plugins. Not games

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lol. just came into my head.
cool plugin tho!

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Even if the tool was for downloading place files, it still wouldn’t work. Roblox obviously implements sanity checks to make sure you can’t access what isn’t yours.


A better name for this would be Asset Inserter. I think the name being “Downloader” is confusing people into thinking you’re downloading the assets to your computer, not the game.

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Tbh that’s actually a much better name, I will change it

(Should be done! Just gotta update the plugin and the new name should be there)


wait does it get off sale models?

I just used this plugin inside of studio, and I agree it is much faster to get assets into your game this way, great plugin :+1:


At the end of the post ^^^^^^^

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Yes, but you need to download the file and insert it which gets tedious over time. I find this plugin very useful because it removes that repetitive task.

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Do you have a GitHub page where we could post contributes? I have a couple features in mind that I think would be cool to add.

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I created this when I didn’t really know how to use github, and I don’t really feel like creating a repository right now. Thanks though, if you have any ideas you can send it to me in messages or you can send them here.

Yeah, that should work. I’ll get back to you later then, thanks!

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its perfect if you want to find virus code things in plugins so you can make sure its not a virus

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