Devin's Projects

I’ve quit Roblox development, don’t expect any updates to any of these resources.

Here is a list of my projects! Will be updated in the future. Things I am not working on will be marked with an :x:.


  1. :x: Sky3D | Create 3D, fast skies extremely easily
    Allows you to create immersive, performant 3d skies very easily.

  2. :x: Tips to help keep you safe from malicious plugins
    Some tips to help you stay safe from malicious plugins like viruses.

  3. :x: UI Easing Reference Plugin
    Plugin that shows how easing styles and their directions look.

  4. :x: Asset Inserter Plugin
    Plugin that lets you insert assets (plugins, models, etc) by putting in the ID of the asset.

  5. :x: The process of rigging a custom character
    Better version of my old tutorial. Shows how to rig a custom character.

  6. :x: How to create a custom character model
    Shows how to rig a custom character.

  7. :x: UPanel - Modular Admin Panel (No longer being maintained)
    Simple admin panel, easy to use and modular. Works for everything

  8. :x: SimplyAdmin (No longer being maintained)
    Simple admin panel. Contains most features for basic moderation, like banning and kicking. Also includes announcements.
    Not the best but it works.