Asset is not trusted for this place

I’m trying to use InsertService to load a model that doesn’t belong to the owner of the team create that I’m in. It returns “Asset is not trusted for this place” in the output when I try to load it. Anyone know a way to bypass this or ignore it if the model does not belong to the owner of the game?

Hey there!
It seems, like the model, you are trying to inserd, has the Allow Copying property set to off. If so, I don’t really think you can do much about it.

Allow Copying is on for the model I’m trying to insert.

Could you also please provide the asset (model), you are trying to load in?

The model seems to be ok, could you provide the line(s) of the code, where you are trying to insert the model into game?

local Table = game:GetService("InsertService"):LoadAsset(4989911585)
Table.Parent = workspace
Table.Name = "Usernames"

LoadAsset states that models must be created or owned by the place owner or Roblox to be loaded. In this case since the owner doesn’t have it, you can’t use LoadAsset with it.


Is there a way I can load in a model the game owner doesn’t own?

I am certain the solution is to tell the game owner to just get the model.


You can give permission for model

go to your Creator Hub and open Your Game, then open permission tab and add your models
there is link =>