Asset Manager should have a different icon than Explorer

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard to use Explorer and Asset Manager when using them as customized icons at the topbar inside Roblox Studio and to identify them personally on what they do and benefit in studio.

For sometime in Roblox Studio, I’ve been struggling and somewhat having Explorer and Asset Manager and a couple of more icons that are similar but don’t function the same as those icons/tools do for a developer or user, somehow having the same icon for two different tools that do different functions is somewhat terrible for me and developers to determine a specific tool in the customization bar. Right now, here is what I have to deal with:


Having a different and understandable icon for the Asset Manager would be helpful and nice to have and would be suited best for the Asset Manager like an icon with a hammer and blocks to represent assets that can be used by developers and the building blocks in a game.

“You can always go and open up the topbar like View and such.” Well yes, but actually no as I prefer to have that tab not open when I’m working with projects of mine as I need to have the Output and Script Analysis open at the bottom and better camera size.

If Roblox is able to address this feature, it would improve my development experience and workflow because it would be easier to understand and situate the Asset Manager icon and the Explorer icon as well having to not mistakenly open one of the property/tool tabs as I have them set up the entire screen or on the side of my screen during development.


Thanks for pointing this out @loueque. Completely agree that Asset Manager should have its own icon. This was temporarily used during development and we missed updating it. We’ll get it fixed. Thank you for reporting it!