Asset Movement Sudden Studio Crash

Since yesterday, whenever we move around detailed mesh assets, Roblox crashes within 1-2 seconds of movement.

Expected behavior

No crashing. All worked fine 2+ days ago.

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Can you post the models you are moving and more specific instructions?
Or maybe an rbxl file that exhibits the problem?
I just loaded a bunch of crocodiles from the toolbox, duplicated all of them several times, selected them all, and…
I was able to move them just fine with both the select and the translate tools.

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Just tested pre-studio update, and it crashes.

I update studio to the update that came out just now & try to move the entire army of dinosaurs around & no crashes.

So, the Roblox Studio update seems to have strangely enough fixed it. Thanks!

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Great news! I’m glad to hear it!

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