Asset not shown in the Marketplace

I didn’t think much of it until recently, but the sword I’ve been working on for so long isn’t even displayed on the marketplace. The modules are, but not the sword itself.

This is the model that should’ve been visible in the marketplace:
RoClans Sword

Page URL:

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Thanks for the report! We’ll follow up when we have an update for you.


Hey @Lametta, thanks for letting us know. This devforum post about Model Safety may help: Creator Marketplace: Improving Model Safety

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Ah, I see, thank you. I know there are various other models that also use require (and are on the marketplace) for the same reason. Is there a process for being whitelisted on the marketplace?

Thanks again.

No problem. Due to our current policy, we would recommend embedding the required script into the main asset. This improves transparency for our users and helps keep the marketplace safe. Hope this helps!

The only reason I have the required script separated is to auto-update, would there be a way to work around the system to help the model auto-update while also embedding the script?

Thanks for the reply.

For auto-updates, you can use Packages. This is safer for users as they can choose whether or not to update when there are updates, as well as whether or not they want to enable auto-updates.

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That’s very helpful actually!

So all I would need to do is implement the required scripts into the model and instead turn them into packages and it would function the same, right? I’ll look into packages again right now, that’s a much better solution!

Thanks a ton.

Yep converting the root of your asset to a package and pasting in the required script should work!

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Worked like a charm, you’re the best!

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Hey @Lametta, sorry but what I said above was too general. You can save your asset as a package, and if it’s a group asset then other people in the group can access it and get updates by accessing the asset from the group inventory. You can also use packages in your own experience if you want some general updateable module.

BUT if you try to distribute it on marketplace, it’ll just convert back to a model not a package since we don’t support UGC packages on marketplace. Sorry again about that. If you want to distribute it on marketplace, embedding the scripts in the main asset is currently the recommended way to go.

Oh I see. I just tested it around to see what you meant.

Yeah I can see that it saves the package to the model but when I attempt to make changes to the package, it fails to auto-update.

That’ll be a bit tricky for me, as require may be the only option I have to do what I’ve been trying to do then…
I’m not sure if there is a better way to go about this aside from using require() - though packages would’ve been super helpful as it’d provide client support - but I’ve developed swords that have been spreading around the sword community little by little.

With this project I’ve asked and worked with various UGC creators for support on our style shop system.

Aside from being able to fix around the mechanics of the sword when need be, the goal was also to have an auto-updating shop and style system that allows us to cycle through shop items and designs (like Fortnite shop rotations for lack of better ways to explain it) which would only be possible if the system were to update automatically.

Would I have to implement the sword for distribution from a group and encourage people to join it for access to the ability to auto-update or is there another method that might work?

It’d be really great to be able to do this through the most efficient means rather than through hacky methods but we’ve put a lot into it thus far so it’d be a waste not to attempt any means possible.

We use the style option for various items that can be earned via robux, certain games, joining certain groups, etc. - something that’s been encouraging a bit of growth and hope within the sword community thus far.

I did a little more research and testing and I haven’t found a way to circumvent this. I’m not sure if Roblox plans on allowing packages to work on the marketplace anytime soon but I may need to use require until there is support for it unless there is a more efficient means of going about this or if there will eventually be a white list for this type of thing.

That said, is there a more efficient way that I just haven’t been able to discover?

One issue with using require is it only allows me to adjust code on the server rather than the client so having the package auto-update the main client script would’ve been awesome. If there is a better way please do let me know, I would much prefer a more Roblox-supported method.

Hey Lametta,

The asset looks really cool. Since we currently don’t support packages in the marketplace, here are the options:

  • If you want it to be discoverable: remove the require and embed the script inside, sacrificing the auto-update

  • If you want it to auto-update: Keep using require, and have anyone who wants to join it get it through a direct link to the asset. (You could also make a group and save it as a package under the group, but then anyone who wants to use it would need to be given permissions that would also let them update it; I’m not sure if you want that)

Thank you so much for the advice. I’ll have to keep using require since auto updating will be necessary but again thank you so much for all of your help. I hope sometime in the near future better support for this will come about.

I should be fine with it not being on the marketplace for now I can just link it everywhere.

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