Asset Preview - Preview assets found inside the script editor

What’s new

Version: 0.3.0

Added the ability to move slider around.


Added a toggle to switch between R15 and R6 rigs in the animation preview.


Added interactive video preview.


What’s next

  • Improvements to the asset id detection in the script editor (to reduce false positives).

This plugin is sick! Exactly what I needed for my modules. Thanks!

Hello, thank you everyone who has legitimately purchased the plugin for :robux_gold: 100. It has been great to see positive feedback, and support that I received in the past year. Today, Roblox is slowing rolling out the USD pricing update, and to make my work fairly priced, I have adjusted the price to :robux_gold: 2,000, where eventually the plugin will cost $4.99 USD. Here are the calculations for price adjustment:

:robux_gold: 2,000 - 30% marketplace fee = :robux_gold: 1,400
:robux_gold: 1,400 * 0.0035 DevEx rate = $4.90

Note: Income tax was not taken into account.

If you would like to further support the development of the plugin, you may remove the plugin from your inventory, and purchase it again with the adjusted price.

In about a month or two, I will be releasing a new update that will include:

  • Larger previews (you will no longer be constrained to a square box)
  • Audio visualizer
  • Better audio, and video controls
  • Improved asset id detection in script editor
  • Improved 3D model previews, which includes animations

And more!

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I support the price increase!! You deserve to be paid fairly for your effort!

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I bought this plugin a couple days ago. It does exactly what it says

I have one annoyance with this plugin: every time I run my game using f5, The window for this plugin pops up, either undocked in the middle of studio screen, or docked to the left side of the workspace. Then I have to close it to get it out of the way of my game screen

This happens regardless of 1. if the plugin window was shown or not in edit mode (not running). 2. If the plugin window was shown or not last time I ran the game

I’ve not found a way to make it not appear when I do F5 other than disabling the plugin, which I’d rather not do. I’d like to:

  1. Have it always open in studio edit mode (I keep it docked in a tab behind the properties window)
  2. When I run the game, either keep it where I docked it (behind properties), or don’t show it. I don’t (yet) have a use for using this plugin in run mode

Can plugins open a web browser? It might be nice if, when previewing a decal id or image id, if there were 2 browser links

  1. Edit decal:
  2. Buy image: Images/SolidSkin Alicorn White - Roblox

I will try to get it fixed as soon as possible, and I wil let you know when I do.

No idea, but unlikely.

Update: I couldn’t reproduce the issue, so I’m unsure how to fix it for you. Can you try enabling beta features in studio, and see if the issue persists?

It happens if I set these two studio settings:

  • Studio > Test > Load All Built-In Plugins in Test Mode > Off
  • Studio > Test > Load All User Plugins in Test Mode > On

Any other combination of these two settings, and it doesn’t happen. I’ve mostly worked around it by turning them both off

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Thanks for the information, I found the cause of the issue and published a fix. Let me know if it fixes the issue for you.

I tried the update, and the issue is fixed. Thank you

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