Asset Protection

Hello guys,

Im relatively new to the Roblox platform, only started serious developement about a half a year ago.

Im currently developing a somewhat large-scale game with tons of premium assets (self made or purchased from third party) and i wonder will Roblox protect me and my assets if they get stolen?

I already implemented protection against Synapse injection, but im pretty sure there are professionals who can bypass anything. If that happens, will Roblox do anything about it? Do they act on reports or should i contact my third party retailer instead?

I guess Roblox games with stolen assets will get deleted, but what if they just export everything and use them on a different platform?

Also i read about the new Byfron anticheat but didnt go too far into it. Was it succesful in stopping professional executers? Or its just for the youtube hacker youth?

Ive implemented a lot of anti-cheat solutions for the game, but im very worried about the assets. Ive inspected a lot of big games on the platform, and most of them only use basic/toolbox assets and textures/materials for their builds. (its worrying)…

Can someone please enlighten me about how things go here, what should i expect, should i be worried?

What more can i do to protect my assets, do i miss a crucial step?

Thanks in advance, and sorry if its silly, theres a lot to learn on this platform…:stuck_out_tongue:


Synapse is patched for almost 2 months now. You also cannot DMCA any assets, unless you made them by hand. Roblox also wont give you any funds for your assets being stolen, even if they earned the opposite side a good amount of robux.

Byfron indeed stopped professional executors, 70-80% of currently working popular executors got malicious code of some kind, such as loggers, adware and other stuff and each is running either on Mac, mobile client or UWP client, byfron stays unbypassed for now.


Thank you for the quick answer!

Most of them are unique or customised from the 3rd party retailer, so it gives hope?!

I just want to know will they remove a stolen property from games/toolbox ? I dont want their funds, i just dont want anyone to use them anywhere…on this platform atleast…

Nice to hear, i hope it stays this way or even improves, i was worried because i heard fortnite still has some serious problems with cheaters (using byfron with 2 other anticheat software as far as i know) , but this info also might not be up to date.

Thanks again! :pray:


If you find a game that has content taken from your game, you need to submit a Support Ticket with the “Type of help category” set to “DMCA” and the sub-category to “Owner DMCA Claim”.

In regards to asset stealing itself, Roblox is like every other game engine. Anything the player can see, they need to have on their device, and because it is on their device, they can steal it.

I don’t know what games you are looking at, but for me personally, I’ve seen some very popular games that have loads of custom assets. I do not know why you would find it worrying that many games don’t though, Roblox developers are not massive studios, they are individual people or very small teams. They rely on what Roblox provides, with very little self-made custom assets such as models and materials (though I believe custom maps made with built-in modelling/building tools, animations and sounds are more prevalent), due to the low barrier for entry, many are inexperienced with professional modelling tools like Blender or custom materials.


By worrying i ment i did not really understand why huge games with 50-300k players only use built in assets/materials instead of custom made ones, they could easily hire artists and have them redesign the already successful game. My train of thought was that maybe they were afraid of their assets getting stolen, therefore they will not invest in professional modeling.

Thank you very much! :pray: