Asset Spawner | Asset Inserting Plugin

Hey developers! I was just messing around in Studio today, and I decided it would be fun to make a plugin. So, I made a simple plugin that lets you insert assets into your project!

Asset Spawner can insert any Roblox asset (this includes models, plugins, catalog items, scripts, and more), and all you need is the AssetID! (Asset Spawner can only insert assets that you own or are on sale. This is for obvious security reasons, so that users can’t steal other user’s work.)

Here is a small demo I recorded and uploaded to YouTube, if you guys are interested:

There are some important things to note about this plugin. Since it can insert any asset from Roblox, you need to be careful not to insert anything that is infected. Another thing to note is that some assets come with scripts, so if you want those assets to be inserted, you’ll need to give Asset Spawner permissions to inject scripts. Asset Spawner will only inject scripts that you tell it to spawn in. If you come across an infected script, remove it (along with the asset) from your project. I cannot be held responsible if you insert viruses into your game.

Asset Spawner is free and open-sourced, so feel free to take the source code and expand upon it! You can actually insert this plugin with this plugin using the AssetID: 6015256557.


@P1X3L_K1NG the plugin does not work it just spits out the error
10:48:27.663 Error while fetching asset: HTTP 403 (Forbidden) - Studio

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It might be because the asset you are trying to insert is not on sale. The plugin uses Roblox’s InsertService, but that service will only insert assets that the user owns or if the asset is on sale. That’s for obvious security reasons, so that users can’t steal other user’s work.

I have updated the post to clarify that :slight_smile:

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