Assets and certain places don't load: 504 Gateway time-out error

When I’m trying to load my places, I get a 504 bad gateway error. I still can open a few places, but assets there just don’t load and similar error pops up in console.


This doesn’t tie to certain place, I can open some places and can’t open other. Here are some places that I can’t open:

When studio does launch correctly, meshes fail to load and the output is spammed with Mesh Manager warnings.


All developers from Russia I know also encountered this issue since yesterday morning.
For me, it started to happen since 15.02.2020 17:00 Moscow time.

There are also some issues with game thumbnails not loading:


log_05328_1.txt (7.4 KB)

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When trying to open some places in edit mode, I’m getting HTTP 504 error

But if place managed to open, then when I’m trying to insert any type of newly uploaded UGC I’m also getting HTTP 504 error

Inserting random, just uploaded model from toolbox
(Model probably got viruses, but thats not the case

Pasting newly uploaded decal id directly into decal instance

Same decal, but inserting it from toolbox

Inserting newly uploaded mesh via game window

Note: This does not only affect newly uploaded assets, it also affects small portion of old ones, but I didn’t manage to track them down

Where the bug happens

This bug only affects russian users of roblox studio

When the bug started happening

It started happening at 15.02.2020 ~22:00 moscow time, and it still happens to this moment

Repro steps

  1. Open roblox studio and try to open any of your published places (or template ones)

  2. If place loaded without HTTP 504 error, open toolbox, you will see a bunch of thumbnail loading errors

  3. After that put sorting order to “Updated”, and try to insert any of the models that it will show

  4. You may see 504 HTTP error as shown on screenshots above

Other information:

This looks like a backend issue


I don’t know if it’s related to this issue, but I live in Ukraine and I have a hard time with thumbnails for a little bit longer.

Happening with me too:

I have this issue with only one game. Studio also seems to be crashing repeatedly without reason, unfortunately it’s unprobable and happens anywhere from moving a part to clicking the union button. Might only be a Mac issue though. I would create a separate topic for the crash, but for some reason my option to create a new post is greyed out, and i’ve dm’d a admin on here to investigate.

The game goes on the usual loading screen with an empty skybox, then freezes my entire keyboard, so its either so slow to type on other applications or just stops it typing altogether. I had to force quit my studio to type this.

The game loads fine when played from the roblox website, and no server errors can be traced anywhere.

UPDATE: It’s randomly happening now