Assets disappearing

For some reason in this specific game I have assets that decided to stop showing in studio & on PC as of mid last week or so.

But when I open it on my phone it loads correctly (like it did a week ago).

This is the easiest repro I can think of. Join the game and click on this Head icon, then press Messages.

On PC the icon between “the” and “icon” is missing. On Mobile the same UI properly shows an icon

Link to game: Roverse [DISCOVER UPDATE] - Roblox


Is this how the game is supposed to look…? I am confused.
The little add icon between “the” and “icon” is visible for me.

Emoji’s vary from platform to platform, right? It’s possible that the emoji you used can’t be shown on your desktop but can on mobile or another persons desktop.

I’m pretty sure these aren’t emoji, but these are image assets.


They are images on the Roblox platform, not emojis.


Script forgot to mention it occurs on either platform. Sometimes it’ll show on pc but not mobile and vice versa.

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That’s really weird. Could it possibly be a UI scaling issue?

In the messages UI the icon doesn’t show.

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To clarify: This isn’t user error. Assets are actually missing from my game at random and I can’t figure out why or how to reproduce it consistently. Joining on different devices seems to be the best bet at catching the issue.

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Been having the same issue in a game that I develop for. It has never actually happened for me and seems pretty uncommon, in my game at least.

This was reported by another player. You can see that there’s quite a few images failing to show up here, and the player waited a pretty long time.

This is what the UI should look like normally (there were minor UI changes made in the time between the two pictures).

I’m not sure if it’s related to the same issue but I have also personally experienced meshes occasionally failing to load. I’d go in for a quick test and all of the default head meshes would be missing.

If I had to guess, I would think this is a cache related issue, which is both really common and can happen at random (though I’m not really sure why… It’s most common with Unions and Meshes which have not passed moderation, sometimes they get cached for some reason)

On Windows
Go to %Temp%\Roblox and move the http folder somewhere else or move it to your recycle bin.
Then join your game, wait for assets to redownload, and close Roblox.
Then, merge the original http folder, and when prompted to replace choose to keep the original files.

The effect is that any assets your game just downloaded will replace the old ones which may have been incorrectly cached/corrupted. That sometimes happens if you have connectivity issues during the download of an asset and sometimes it can just happen (not really sure why) and the effect is usually that the first half of a request gets cached including the correct content length header (but with the actual request content missing, which, results in asset load failures)


Thanks for the report! We’ve filed a ticket to our internal database and we’ll follow up when we have an update for you.