Assets referenced by name don't update

When using assets referenced by name, eg rbxgameasset://Images/Image instead of rbxassetid://389561325, they will use old versions of assets.

I uploaded a completely red image and called it “Image”, so the asset reference is rbxgameasset://Images/Image. Look at the Game Explorer window in the middle to see what the source asset is

But once I delete the asset from the game and reupload a new version of the asset using the same name, the asset being used will still be red even though it should be green

This has been happening for at least a few months. I am on Studio V0.449.1.411731 on Windows 10

Side bug, the previews for the image assets don’t load in the pop-up preview window


Thanks for the report! We’ve filed this internally and we’ll follow up.

I am in the process of checking over bug reports and following up on some bugs that haven’t received any activity in a while.
Is this issue still occurring or can you confirm that this bug has been resolved? We are having a hard time reproducing this issue