Assign preview colors to custom materialvariants in the material manager

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard to identify the different materials I have created in the material manager because at small scales the material preview looks the same as every other preview.



Default materials have a custom color. I should be able to recolor these intuitively so I can recognize them faster in this list. Currently it takes me 10-30 seconds every single time I go into this widget to look for the material I want to use because the names are not always easy to remember, nor have I memorized them all yet.

If I could make e.g. the Lizard material green, I would be able to memorize its default color far easier than the name, and locate it faster in the grid/list. Currently, UX for this process is very poor.

In grid mode with the default tile size, this is even harder because I need to scroll more, and the previews are still fairly homogenous and difficult to discern.