Assistance Post - 2022 No Longer Needed

This is no longer needed, thank you all for the assistance you have given me.

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Personally, when I make low-poly models, I do it bottom-to-top and “layer” it (where I select all vertices and continue extruding).

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What i do. Is i make the base then i go with high poly and modeling (like zbrush)
And after that i just take high poly textures into the low poly.
If you go on youtube on Rebeeca art i have some fast forward videos
I have videos i need to edit made for roblox

But for now. Make the base then go high poly and then transfer the high details into the low poly

i started with making swords and stuff and pretty much mastered it in the span of like 2 weeks

pro tip: dont learn uv maps at first, it hurts your brain

ep 1 of the tutorial i used is here

Thanks! I’ll give this a try later.