Assistance with console support

Hello, I would like to implement console support into my game however I do not own a controller so I do not know what sort of buttons would perform what functions. It would be helpfull if someone who owns a controller or console write a list of what sort of things the button’s purpose on a controller are in the format:

Keyboard button E - In most games it’s used to pick up items and open doors
Mouse button 1 - In shooter games it’s used to shoot your gun

I do not own a controller, but i did do research on console support for my own game and talked to my console friends about their recommendations, so im gonna explain the best choices I discovered
for aiming or any secondary action if it’s a shooter, it goes on R2
if it’s shooting or mouse 1, it goes on L1
if it’s activating prompts or any secondary action, it goes at X or Y
and it appears the button A defaults for jumping and activating GUI buttons
B cancels prompts and can be used for more actions, such as sprinting
L1, L2, and the dpad i guess can be up to you

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also a tip, if you don’t have a controller, first try making sure it works on keyboard inputs, I’ve done that on my game and now i know it works perfectly with controllers