I bet everybody knows what Asteroids is. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve working on this the past two days while trying to fight my Rocket League addiction, so progress has been slow. But I’m sure it’s safe to say in a week we can have a competition. :woohoo:

The asteroid generator seems to be working nicely, sometimes the asteroids clip a bit though each-other. Easy fix. The ship’s movement is horrible and my raycasting could be better, yeah.

A week until asteroid demolition!

Pretty cool use of neon!

Make the asteroids split into two smaller asteroids when they’re hit, which move faster. :durrr:

And move slightly off course, and if they’re big enough, they can crack other asteroids causing little tiny shrapnoids to hit the ship and kill it!

Allow it to be aimed by the mouse, and add upgrades to weapons as well as asteroids with certain specials as well: Fire(Speed), Ice(Health), Rock(Splits).

And make the bullets neon!

Wow, that looks really cool. Just felt a bit of nostalgia though - I made a 2D Asteroids game back in 2012, before GUI rotation was a thing.