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About Me
Hello Im AstraAxis!
Im 14 years old and im a Render Artist
Im not the best

  • I joined in 2011 and have been making graphics for 2 years


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On weekends and sometimes during weekdays
Thumbnails: 1-5K Depending on Complexity
Icons: Free if order with Thumbnail, But 500 for icon by itself
Discord: AstraAxis#1484
Twitter (@AstraAxis)
Devfourm Direct Messages
Thank you and i hope to work with you :space_invader:


Great work but I recommend you to improve the type of lights you use in your Graphics.
For example, your last thumbnail.(Slime Attack)
I see little to no lighting in your scene, yet there is a big lens flare. That kinda threw me off.
Maybe try and look for some tutorials depending what programs you use and use the lighting inside the program instead of a stock.

Your icons are really quite nicely done. Especially the second one. (Astra Games)
Keep up the good work!


will do :stuck_out_tongue:


Well done man keep it up…


Great work! I’m glad to see you in the DevForum after me and other Devs helping. Well tbh we just mainly talked except for @SummerEquinox… Well congrats and keep up the good work! But I do have to say one thing. Can you make your work more seamless when it comes to rendering and bends in a character. Well come grants from John.

Ps: Yo I made a logo can you make it on the computer for me? What’s the price? Is there a friend discount nah jk give me the normale price.