Astranamic - Roblox Logo Designer, Clothing Designer & Artist

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Hey everyone, I’m Astranamic. I’ve been an artist for quite a while now and worked for many unique commissioners. I’ve stopped working for a while but now, I’m back, I’m motivated and ready to work again. I do clothing design, gamepass/badge icons and logo design.

This portfolio provides everything you need to know about my services.

If you want to know about my work and what I produce, here are examples of what type of commissions I’m doing and what the final turn-out looks like.


Badge/Gamepass Icons


Clothing Designs

My prices vary depending on complexity. There is a minimum and maximum price for my clothing, logos and icons.
(e.g. Let’s say a logo’s minimum price is 2,000 Robux and a logo’s maximum price is 4,000 Robux. The price of the logo will be in between the two numbers depending on how complex it is.)

1 Logo = 800-1,000 Robux

Badge/Gamepass Icons
1 Icon = 100-150 Robux
3 Icons = 250-350 Robux
10 Icons = 800-1,000 Robux
If you order more than 10 icons the price will be negotiated.

A shirt or pants = 50-100 Robux
Full outfit = 100-200 Robux

When ordering from me, please abide these rules so we can work together safely.


  • Please treat me with respect during the process. I am an equal person and if I treat you with respect, I should be treated the same way.

  • Payment is required AFTER completion of the commission.

  • There are no discounts. I make my commissioners pay between them two numbers and I don’t charge them less than the minimum price.

  • No refunds! This is because you pay AFTER completion. It’s your responsibility to check out the artwork first before paying.

  • I don’t want extra Robux if you need the work to be completed faster. I stick to my speed. I don’t want to stress myself out working faster to complete something.

  • Payment is via group funds only!


Weekdays: 1-2 Hours/Day
Weekends: 5-7 Hours/Day

I only work 1-2 hours a day because of online school. Please understand that. :purple_heart:


Thank you so much for reading this. I can’t wait to see you in my DMs and we can work together.
If you have any questions, reply on this post and vouches would be much appreciated!

Discord: astra#5828
Twitter: @AstranamicRBX


Vouch for Astranamic, his arts are amazing.


I commissioned Astranamic for an upcoming project and it was a great experience throughout. I can really vouch for the quality of his work, the quick delivery time and great value for money!


Wow, your logos are amazing. What do you use to make them?

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Hey there, I use Sony Sketch and Pixellab!


Your work looks super awesome, and it seems like you have a good reputation through your previous buyers.
It really looks like you put a lot of love in your work. Keep it up !


A great artist and friend:heart:
Totally would recommend! ^^ :+1:



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UPDATE! All logos are 20% off this weekend! Quickly get one before Monday 12AM BST.

I highly recommend Astranamic! His work was great, and he delivered the logo very fast. On top of delivering the product very fast, it was very good. I totally recommend him for anyone looking for a logo designer!

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Vouch: I worked with Astramanic recently to make a logo for me, and the work was done quickly and reasonably.

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Amazing artist who has created some beautiful work and done some amazing things for the community!

You should really add mini among us characters to your portfolio :stuck_out_tongue:


I was going to plan on doing that but I got nervous incase my portfolio gets taken down because of copyright.

I vouch for Astra!! He’s an incredible person and would be easy to work with!

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