Astronaut animation pack not playing in game

Today, @Zealous_Potato and I noticed a bug where an animation pack that I had currently equipped, the Astronaut animation pack, wasn’t working at all.

Reproduction steps:

  • Join any game on the platform wearing the Astronaut animations
  • Move around

What happens:

  • Players don’t see your animations besides you.

What should happen:
Everyone should be able to see your animations.

GIF w/ repro:


This looks similar to the bug where if you have the walk and run animation the same it does this exact thing. Did you change the animations through a script or did you actually change your avatars animations?

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It’s an empty baseplate and other games we tested, don’t change anything animation wise.


Did you use a local script or server script?

Oh, so that’s what I saw yesterday!

Okay. While Playing Epic Minigames yesterday, I met a (pretty toxic) girl who seemed to just be floating mid-air and not moving their limbs, similar to how some exploiters look like when exploiting.

I considered reporting them, but maybe they weren’t exploiting? I checked their animations, and they indeed had Astronaut equipped. Now, they jumped just fine, but running? Seemed odd.

This all makes sense, and I’m glad to know that this was just a visual error, not someone exploiting.


i guess this is just in-game Astronaut bug, maybe rejoin will fix situation

I was playing around with animations earlier and realized the custom animations weren’t replicating properly. It was just simply a forked animation script with a few changed id’s.

Not so sure it’s just the astronaut animation package, can anyone else clarify to make sure I’m not just going crazy?

You should link to the Astronaut animation pack in your post for convenience


My friend had experienced this bug with me yesterday. Only they were able to see their own animation, while everyone else in the server didn’t. They were able to fix it by changing their walk animation to anything else. I’m assuming it’s because the astronaut walk is the same as run.

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Are you sure you used the correct script?

I’m not using any scripts for this. I have the animation equipped on my Roblox character. Please read the post before commenting…

I am in the process of checking over bug reports and following up on some bugs that haven’t received any activity in a while.
Is this issue still occurring or can you confirm that this bug has been resolved?

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I think it’s resolved? I haven’t seen anyone with the animation and people who seem to be wearing it appear to be having working walking animations.

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