Atlantic Hurricane Simulator - June 2019 Updates

:cyclone: Atlantic Hurricane Simulator - June 2019 Updates :cyclone:

The 2019 Atlantic hurricane season has started! With the new updates, you have more control over your season than ever! The #1 most requested feature has finally been added :slight_smile:

What’s new:

  • A custom storm creator! Open the Controls menu and click “Spawn Storm” to check it out!

    • Choose your own start location, target location, and storm name!
    • If you don’t want the simulation to form storms automatically, set the Activity Level to “No storms”
    • Depending on the direction that the winds blow your storm, it might not reach its target. Increasing the ocean temperature decreases the likelihood of your storm dissipating over cold waters.
  • Four new badges!

    • Spawn your own storm for the first time!
    • Make landfall in Iceland!
    • Create a cyclone in the Mediterranean Sea!
    • MVP players get an exclusive gold badge!
  • If you have suggestions, questions, bug reports, or just want to become part of our community, join Wizard Studios!

As always, thank you to everyone that supported the game by sending comments and donations!

Minor change log:

  • Made the Fujiwhara effect stronger
  • Allowed hypercanes to become stronger, but also more vulnerable to weakening
  • Fixed some bugs
  • Reworked collision detection in the Mediterranean Sea
  • Added Rome, Italy as a city :flag_it:

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