Atmosphere broken on mobile but not PC

I was playing around with lighting in studio and I made an atmosphere that works fine on my laptop (Windows if that helps) but when I open the game on my iPhone or iPad it shows as a blue square on the level of the baseplate. The avatars also float above the baseplate for some reason.
Here’s how it looks on my laptop and is supposed to look (this is in game not in studio test):

Here’s how it looks on my iPad:

And here it is on my iPhone (on a different account):


Did you check if your graphics on your ipad are the same as on your computer?


Your Graphics must be turned all the way up.


It’s probably because the graphics on your iPad/iPhone aren’t the same as on your PC.


Low end devices, such as mobile devices, aren’t as powerful as computers, so they automatically have lower graphics settings so that the game remains play-able. Atmosphere goes away on low graphics settings to reduce the lag. But, you can always change the graphics from settings manually, though.


@ZeronN_Me @penywaise @SunsetDots19 yeah I know my graphics are lower on an iPad but I’ve played several games with atmosphere on my iPad and never had that issue before. I set my graphics manually to full and the blue was still there :woman_shrugging:.

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