Atmosphere changes brick colors

Does anyone know how to fix this?

The color for one side of the building goes grey when there is an atmosphere, but is normal when there is no atmosphere.

Removing the atmosphere makes the colors work as normal, but this isn’t a good solution as it makes the game look bad.

Images attached below.

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I’m not really experienced with building but for the things i know it depends on the atmosphere’s properties and settings


I’ve checked the settings and nothing seems to be able to affect it.

i believe this relies on “OutdoorAmbient” under Lighting, I think atmosphere just enhances it but you can change the color like this:
under appearance

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An addition to koi’s response, the lighting also gets changed by the atmosphere. If you use a reddish skybox with an atmosphere, basically everything would be also slightly reddish. It’s the lighting’s attempt to ‘correct’ shadow colors. You can override it with OutdoorAmbient, ColorShiftTop, and Ambient. It is best you change OutdoorAmbient.

OutdoorAmbient, Ambient, and ColorShift are all black. See how the shadows change depending on the color of the skybox? Yes, that’s what I was talking about.


This doesn’t work, changing it to the brick color makes the other ones look different.

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On future lighting and with the default atmosphere, this bug does not occur.

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It seems to occur only on certain colors for me, like on default colors, it is not as noticeable. It’s probably just an unfortunate color combo, because it is build based on a real life building.

Your build is amazing btw. <3

Try tweaking these Lighting values, start with them at zero and add as much as you like:

float EnvironmentDiffuseScale Ambient light that is derived from the environment

float EnvironmentSpecularScale Specular light derived from environment

these settings determine how much skybox is reflected on part surfaces.