Atmosphere Class, Live or not?

The Atmosphere class is live and working (very very buggy, but working), but I haven’t seen any Devforum announcement for this feature yet, what’s up?

Similarly the Devhub API page isn’t even created yet: Atmosphere

If you’re going to make a feature live we need documentation and an announcement on the day it goes live. I can’t even tell if what I’m experiencing is a bug or a feature!

If this issue is addressed, it would improve my development experience because I need to know how a feature works when it is released, or else I’m just going to be spending hours on unnecessary guesswork. You could argue that I should just wait until the documentation and announcement are made, but I have no guarantee or delivery date on when those might come (or if you forgot them entirely). So now I am here, writing this post to remind you that we really need documentation with new features.

Thanks for reading.

Edit: The link above has been updated to include documentation on Atmospheres, thanks! :smiley:


Agreed, there were some instances where places got foggier without even adding an atmosphere class and I’m not aware that there’s an announcement about what happened there either (probably related to this though).

Hopping into Studio one day to be greeted by a wall of fog definitely wasn’t a pleasant experience, and not knowing any details about it made the situation even worse. It wasn’t game-breaking so it’s not severe, but we should not be expecting sudden changes like this unless we’re informed beforehand or on-event (preferably beforehand!).

I hope the process of transparency can be improved based on what happened here. :slight_smile:


If you add it in, you can reduce the density. Don’t worry. :wink:


It is live, same with the DepthOfFieldEffect. They could be waiting for developers/players to give feedback on it until they announce it, maybe…? or holding the announcement for later.

Yep, i just noticed this class API and i really not find why we should use this and if Roblox announced this before.

Features sometimes make it into API but aren’t finished or turned on. Generally, if something hasn’t been announced yet, you can safely bet it’s not finished. If you’re experiencing undesirable (and unannounced) changes in your game, you should probably post about it in #platform-feedback:engine-bugs

Edit: I’d like to remind everyone that “feature visible in Studio” does not necessarily imply that “feature is live”.

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If the feature is turned on, works on live games and runs on the non-beta version of the Studio client then isn’t that feature basically live? How am I, as a user, supposed to know if a feature, which I have full access to, is still being worked on or not?

In my opinion, if something isn’t finished, I shouldn’t be able to see it on a non-beta version. Especially if there’s no documentation or indication that it is in an incomplete state.

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These are all really good and valid questions, but I unfortunately can’t answer them all with complete confidence or authority. The best indicator is, again, whether or not such a feature was publicly announced.

The tendency of IX and the devhub at the moment is that we don’t guarantee docs on unfinished business, as things can change last minute. We’d end up wasting a good chunk of time, plus it’s not part our ideal workflow vision.

For example, UIInlineLayout, a feature which was proposed and worked on, got shelved for one reason or another (I think it was performance, but I could be wrong). It still exists in API today in a turned-off state, so we don’t have it documented for that reason.


Would it be possible for consideration to be put into releasing a status banner at the top of the page, such as a NotFinished tag?

This is the kind of thing I mean:


Hi all,
Yes, this feature is live. I also just published an intro article about it, so you can get an idea of what the Atmosphere properties do.

I’ll be enhancing the article over time with some beautiful “example atmospheres” (specific combos of effects and properties) but I wanted to make this general reference available to you sooner than later.




I’m able to see the Atmospheres in-game, but in studio (I already tried closing all windows… says it’s up-to-date when I open a new studio client), I can’t see Atmospheres at all when I add them to lighting. No effect regardless of settings. Studio render settings at Quality Level 21, I tried it at 10 as well, still didn’t work.

Any ideas why it might not be working? Is it not available on Studio for some people or something?

Edit: nevermind. apparently you need a sky object. I like the default skybox. wish I could use it with Atmospheres.

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