Atmosphere Engine Test Showcase

Hello Everyone. i guess this is practically another showcase although a engine perhaps?

To experience the engine fully, you must put your graphics at 10. :wink:

This was heavily inspired from Z0ll’s “shanyue”.

What Do you think of this? this is to demonstrate the atmosphere & depth of field updates with some realistic rain splatters with the moving trees & thunder ect.

I ask you join the game rather than judging from the image as you need to visit the game to see the engine go.

Game: ( Optimized For Phones & Lower End pc’s should run fine.)

Edit: I have reopened the game, fixing the pink leafs & removed the motion blur


It looks awesome, but I think the camera shake when moving could be reduced a bit.

EDIT: I’ve managed to escape by jumping over the wall. Is this intentional?


Thanks, for letting me know i will fix this.

The issue was fixed, i didn’t reduce the camera shake although i made it more realistic, you can no longer escape from it as far as i’m aware. Thank you.

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It looks nice, but, it’s kind of empty. The game needs more decorations and like @DevAcc_greeenblox said, the camera shaking is a bit intesive. (Consider lowering it) . The rain on the screen appears too fast, and the trees should probably have leaves falling from them. I think there might be, but they are pink when the tree leaves are green. You can also walk inside of the trees. The motion blur is kind of annyoing, maybe add a option to toggle it. You should add something in the background also.

You also changed the access to friends, why? I think that when you are adding things, you can keep it public. As long as you aren’t rewriting code or redoing the entire map, I think the game should stay open to the public.


I have removed the motion blur, & I reopened the game, I closed it due to someone may have leaked my assets although it’s clear now & thanks for letting me know of the leaf issue, the update is live & they are green now.

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It is quite good, I do have a recommendation though.

Whenever PBR comes out and is available for use in normal servers, you should enhance the tree textures as they look quite simplistic.

One other thing that I do not know how well it will work is meshing a tree with a realistic bumpy feel to it instead of just a flat surface.

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It uses textures. rather than meshes & I already model with PBR the engine will get remastered once it goes live.

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