Atmosphere Haze rendering inconsistency between DX11/OpenGL/Vulkan

There is a rendering inconsistency in respect to the Haze effect of Atmosphere objects. On Direct3D11 graphics mode, no haze will be drawn at all if the Haze property is set to 0, leading to the skybox looking perfectly normal. Here is what that looks like:

However, on other graphics modes, such as OpenGL and Vulkan, even if the Haze property is set to 0, the bottom half of the skybox will still be overwritten with the Haze color, leading to this effect:

This is incredibly easy to reproduce. Simply open a new place file, insert any skybox, and insert an Atmosphere object. Rinse and repeat on a different graphics mode to see the difference.

Here is a simple repro file. Just open it with different graphics modes.
AtmosphereRepro.rbxl (21.6 KB)

I believe the default behavior should be to not render the haze effect at all if it is set to 0, as it just looks ugly. All graphics modes should be fixed to match the behavior of Direct3D11.


This also happens on Metal graphics mode.


Thanks for the report! We’ve filed a ticket to our internal database and we’ll follow up when we have an update for you.


This happens to me as well. I had no idea why the atmosphere looked so weird, turns out I was using Vulkan.