Attaching models to a humanoid NPC

Hi, I’ve been trying to look for a solution to this issue from any other posts but I can’t find any solutions to my problem, so I figured I’d ask. (Unless I’m misunderstanding something)

I’m trying to attach these Mirrors to this NPC

I tried using the accessory method and using attachments on the mirror’s primarypart, as well as welding said primary part to the humanoid’s torso

The result? The mirrors just fall apart

I want to know if I’m missing something (which I probably am) and I’m hoping to get some help or assistance with this issue. I’d appreciate any

Hi, so I decided to try this out in studio with an example of a Dummy and a model (part).

Basically I added a Wield Constraint to the part and linked the Upper Torso to the Part. (The model was not anchored)

When I tested it, the part seemed to have stayed in the air.

Please let me know if this worked for you!

welds maybe (I’m not sure how they work I’m just assuming they weld things together.) Is your stuff anchored? (things that aren’t anchored fall)