Attaching Motor6D makes character teleport to model

I have a script that plays a book-reading animation, and then gets a random book model from ReplicatedSorage adds a Motor6D instance and connects part0 to the hand and part1 to the book’s primary part.

This works if the book was just a single part and not a model. But when parenting it to the model’s primary part it attaches the character to the primary part, instead of the opposite which is attaching the book to the character’s hand.

Here’s the script:

	local char = plr.Character or plr.CharacterAdded:Wait()
	local hum = char:WaitForChild("Humanoid")
	local animator = hum:WaitForChild("Animator")
	local animation = workspace.Part.SeatedReading
	local animationTrack = animator:LoadAnimation(animation)
	animationTrack.Priority = Enum.AnimationPriority.Action
	animationTrack.Looped = true

	local hand = char:WaitForChild("RightHand")

	local book = books:GetChildren()[math.random(1,#books:GetChildren())]:Clone()
	book.Parent = hand

	local motor6d ="Motor6D")
	motor6d.Parent = book
	motor6d.Part1 = hand
	motor6d.Part0 = book.PrimaryPart

Here’s a demo of the bug:

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My mistake.
I thought I unanchored every part in the book model but turns out there was 1 anchored part which caused this to happen.

The fix was unanchoring everything in the model.


idk random guess but maybe try unanchoring everything in the model

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That’s what I did, that’s why I marked it as a solution. I found it out myself, I mentioned it in the post…??

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it was a joke but i have no sense of humor im sorry


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