Attachment box select catches attachments that aren't in workspace

Hello Dev team!

Another strange bug - When I select objects in Workspace - Attachments that are stored in Server and Replicated Storage are selected as well!

I’m not sure whether it is significant or not - but the items I’m trying to select in Workspace are parented to a Folder object.
The same is true of the attachments - as their parents (my vehicles) are in folders within server/replicated storage.

Here’s a video of t he bug.


It would help if the studio engineers knew what operating system you are using as well as your studio version. Do you mind adding that into your post?

The video doesn’t seem to be working for me. Can you re-upload it?


  • If you are selecting constraints visually through the viewport, it will also select the attachments that are connected by the constraint. This is intentional.
  • If the above isn’t the case, does this still happen with all plugins disabled?

Can reproduce this.

You must have Show Details enabled under the constraints section of the model tab.
When you open the file, do not move the camera. Simply turn on Show Details and click and drag across the viewport to do a group selection.

Baseplate.rbxl (12.2 KB)


Having the same issue, attachments also shouldn’t be selected at all when you select objects in Workspace. Really gets annoying when you are trying to group objects.

Just ran into this myself and was about to make a thread about it.

Specifically, if “Show Details” is on then box selections in the viewport will catch attachments that are not in workspace. Expected behavior is that box selections in the viewport would only catch things that exist somewhere inside of workspace.