Attachment Orientation not working (Rust building system)

So in the photo it shows the problem, some of the attachments are weird, their orientation is different, but they are rotated the right way in studio. the platform gets put in the position to the closest attachment, im trying to make a rust like building system, i have everything working except for this. How can I fix this?

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You’re working with a tile, and a mouse position. The tile is 2x2. If you put it right at the center of your mouse, that’s where the center of the tile is. that means to get the corner, it must be offset by 1x1.

tile.Position +=,0,tile.Size.Z/2)

Hmm ok, let me try this and ill get back to you

No, thats not what i mean, you are thinking of the tile moving by your mouse, i have that done. Im talking about it snapping to other parts, it snaps but the orientation is messed up even though it is the correct way in studio

Pivot orientation is the same? The model orientation is the same? The attachment orientation is the same?

Yep, it is, idk why it doesnt work

Probably the way you’re moving the tile is wrong, probably has to do with the fact that attachments are local space

Should i put my script here, like send it to u?

If you want to, yea. You can also just send the roblox place. If not me, someone else could have a look.