Attachment repositions itself onto the player's shoulder

Recently I’ve been trying to attach a arrow to the persons left leg using the attachment known as: WaistCenterAttachment I am not sure what I am doing wrong but each time I reposition the attachment with either it’s orientation or movement, it ends up in the same place, right above the players shoulder. I’m not very familiar with how attachments work but I did read up on it and I did not find any apparent error that I was doing wrong. Here are pictures to better understand what I mean.

Arrow being rotated:

Arrow not rotating accordingly and doing its own thing:

I’m honestly not sure what to do, hence why I posted it on the forum, any and all help is appreciated. I would love to know what I have done or have neglected, nonetheless, thank you for the help in advance! :smile:


Okay I thank you for all the likes but can I get some help with this?

Does the arrow have a weld in it?

No it does not, the arrow itself does not have a weld in it, only an attachment.

That’s weird. I have had problems like this before when inserting assets. i think it’s because of the new avatar update in studio plugins or something

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Hmm alright interesting, I tried this with another tool but on there back and that one worked fine, unsure as of why.

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