Attachments can only be moved in local space

Regardless of transform mode, I can only move attachments in local space. I can’t get an attachment where I want it because of this. This might be a feature request.

Yes I’m seeing this bug. Will look into it, thanks.

Here is an awkward work around: select the attachment you want to move and a second dummy attachment on a different part. They will move in world space.

Edit: Actually world space edition for attachments was never implemented. Hence this is indeed a new feature.


A temporary workaround I’ve found is to actually make a CFrame from the position and rotation of the attachment. At that point, I’ll use (attachment CFrame):toObjectSpace(goal CFrame) (please note: the actual script requires a few more operations but I don’t have said script on me. I do know that it involves using :toObjectSpace() hence why I said that) and extract the position + rotation of the CFrame to apply to my attachment.