Attack on Titan | Titan Shifter V2


For those who have seen my first version of the Titan Shifter earlier today, this is the newer version.

Any feedback is welcomed!

If you wanna test the game by yourself, here’s the link. Press E to turn into Titan.


Its amazing it just needs to remove the clothing and maybe some alterations for the titan form, randomizing certain limb lengths can give the monsterous feel of the titans proportions and or maybe a whole custom body

Yes, I thought of that, I decided to keep clothes on the titan just for aesthetics, so you can like “show” your friends your titan version.

I don’t plan on using this for any game since it runs fully on Client, it was just a little showcase.

About randomized limbs, at some point, I had a system to do that, but I decided to scrap it since I was looking for more “normal” titans.

Thank you for your feedback!

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Looks good! The animated camera is so good, how did you do that ?

Sorry for the late response!

I just used TweenService to tween the camera’s CFrame to the desired position.

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