Attacky's Portfolio <Builder>

Hello, I am Attacky and I am a builder showing my work on the devforum! I have been building for 2 years and can hopefully help you for what you are looking for, I try to be fast, helpful and charge a fair price for my work. If you want to ask me for anything else then let me know.

My Previous work/Showcase

Here are some screenshots of my work

When I am around/Payment
I will be available for the rest of this week any time as I usually stay up for a while, but if you cant reach me on the Devforum, reach me on my discord as I am usually on there at Attacky#0213. I feel like my work is good for these pricings.

  • Small build (Like a street) = 750 robux
  • Medium build (Like a park) = 1100 robux
  • Large Build (like a large pvp map) = 1650 robux
  • Massive Build (Like a free roam map) = 2500 robux or more

Important Information

I usually ask for 30-40 percent before I start building so I can make sure I am not scammed (only applies to discord offers). Also I may ask you to leave me a review (if you want to of course). I try to make the best with my work and hopefully you can see that I try my hardest to give out the best work I can possible, if you have any questions on my builds please let me know so I can get back to you asap.
Thank you and have a nice day

–Attacky#0213 :woozy_face: