Attempeted to teleport to a place that is restricted (error Code: 773)

I am trying to teleport to places inside my game via a local script in the start place but I get this error everytime I try to teleport. The script is located inside a gui.

My Code

Stuff I have looked at

  • The game and all of the places have been set to public so that’s not causing the issue

  • ServerSizes are like follows


That’s an Roblox issue which was already reported by @berezaa. They stated that this shouldn’t be happening anymore so I’d contact a support or report it as an engine bug again.

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Im not too sure its a Roblox Issue. It happens every single time so Im wondering if it might be the way the code is set up.

If it is a roblox issue how could I avoid it? Because every other game on roblox teleports jsut fine so dont think it only effects my game