Attempt at making a good game!

game is


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hmmmm, that may be a glitch. try playing it again i fixed it.

It was clearly not a glitch considering you jebaited me into falling down a hole where I was kicked.

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sorry, i dont have a lot of space so sometimes the code gets corrupted.


If you’re gonna kick us at least make it readable, you didn’t put debounce. I got lucky touching it once

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Space? Huh? The amount of spaces or something in your code shouldn’t corrupt it. Its simple, you made a script where you walk into a hole and it kicks you with some “creepy” text :joy:

Edit: Just tested the game, how could that have been a glitch? It just kicks you after you fall down a hole in the ground. :joy:

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Yep I agree, hardly a chance this is a glitch or not intended lol