Attempt at making a rhythm game engine

Hello! This is something I made a little bit ago, but I decided to share it here now!
It’s my attempt at creating an engine for rhythm games on Roblox.
It creates the charts automatically based off of the song’s PlaybackLoudness.

I’d like to hear what you guys think!
RhythmEngine.rbxl (88.0 KB)


I am on a tablet right now so can’t check it. But i think playbackLoudness is kind of not enough for a rhythm-based engine. They will release new audio API somewhere in the future, which includes an ability to read more audio data. Will check it out as soon as I can nonetheless :wink:

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I’ve seen an engine that uses PlaybackLoudness before, and to say it’s bad is saying too little.

It’s a lazy method and entirely stops the possibility of harder charts that still sync with the music properly.

Here is a full list of what it does terribly:

  • Sync
  • Patterns
  • Hold Notes are non-existent
  • Consistency
  • Difficulty
  • BPM Switching
  • Getting notes where they need to be
  • Double Notes

Yeah, it does a lot of bad things.

For example of a good chart, look at this:

Note how it:

  • Changes BPM mid-way through
  • Constantly switches patterns after repeating one for a little
  • Is consistent
  • Syncs with the music properly
  • Has Double Notes
  • Has Hold-Notes
  • Is difficult
  • Has good patterns
  • Notes are where they should be

Of course human-made charts will always be better than automated ones, but with rhythm games you really want to avoid auto-made charts especially when they use the loudness = note method, since its just a terrible method.

You’re just better off making a system that reads data and loads based off that data, it’s slightly more complicated but you get much better results.