Attempt to call a nil value

 17:59:24.680  attempt to call a nil value  -  Server

Okay cool but what line?

Alright when testing my script (working on a part that uses remote events) I get this little error. Yet it doesn’t tell me what line of my code it is, nor is any of my code is underlined in red.

So what does this error really mean? Is it a certain line? Am I doing something that I’m not supposed to do? It’s odd because usually it states which line is having an issue.

Dunno why the error line number is missing, you should send a report to @Bug-Support with details

In the mean time you could try debugging—put a breakpoint at the start of some of your suspicious functions and step through them line by line. Might be able to catch the error. More details on how to debug: Debugging | Roblox Creator Documentation

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I never knew this was a feature, cool

So it says the problem is here:
or atleast that’s what I think it means. I assume it has something to do with the remote events

(Don’t judge me on my function names0

You might be misinterpreting the debugger

When you put a breakpoint somewhere you’re saying to roblox “don’t run this line, I want to check on things”

In the screen shot you’ve shown, it has just paused at the first breakpoint

That doesn’t mean anything by itself

What I suggest is to use the “Step Over” and Step Into” buttons to step through the code line-by-line, checking the output, and see if you can point point which line emits the error

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Can you send a screenshot of the whole console when you receive this message please?

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This error Typically means that you are either attempting to send a request that has no data, Object has no value, or that it couldnt find the Object

The error here appears to be that you are attempting to call access the Player to Get Data from the Server, but may be returning nil, Are you sure you have the Player?

And can you Provide the RemoteEvent?

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i thought I was getting the player object before, and it said I was but I changed it up a bit and checked some line with print statements and I was able to find that the client side script wasn’t getting the player object itself. But I fixed it and it’s all good now.

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