Attempt to call a number value empty stack trace

When does this occur?

attempt to call a number value
stack begin

stack end

I captured it with ScriptContext.Error (as a server side error)

I was able to reproduce your error (with empty stack trace) via:

delay(timer, number)

Wouldn’t be surprised if there are a couple more ways to do it

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Rip, I don’t use spawn in my code and everywhere I use delay it’s with a very explicitly declared function :confused:

So you have no idea which line? I can tell you why this happens: you passed a number value where there should be a different value.

Do you have the script or possible scripts that caused the error? So you have previous version va new version where one works and the other doesnt?

No I have no idea which line, the stack trace is empty
The set of possible scripts this error came from has a total line count of at least 20k

Ouch. What I would try is hop in a server and see if you can find it via developer console, where it will contain the line. Otherwise, you are kind of stuck. Try reproducing when I happens in studio.

Ctrl shift F and look for spawn( or delay(