Attempt to call missing method 'ClearShareInviteLink' of table


I’ve just started to experience this error in my game:

attempt to call missing method 'ClearShareInviteLink' of table

It only throws this error a bit after I call starterGui:SetCore("ResetButtonCallback", false)

I’d like to know how to resolve this issue if I can.
(I’m posting this as a new topic since I looked around to see if this was an error before here but to no avail)

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hello, do you have a problem with a script?

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Indeed, as I stated before after I call starterGui:SetCore("ResetButtonCallback", false)
a while after it will throw a specific error (shown in the image).

I did not understand very well can you give me the script that is causing the problem?

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I’m not sure the entire script is necessary, however, I’ll give you this code block (essentially the mains) to disable player resetting:

	local success = pcall(function() 
		starterGui:SetCore("ResetButtonCallback", false) 
until success

Simple code just to disable the reset button, however, stated again throws an error (shown in the image)

Also to add to this, even without the looping pcall and succeeding in disabling the button it will still throw the error.

I was just about to post that lool

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I think this is a similar issue to the pervious issues of random ‘warnings’ thrown in the console. (If you’ve experienced that)

is the startergui variable using :GetService() ?

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there are probably function errors in your modules

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the service could of not been loaded yet

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Everything is perfectly fine with the variables and functions. Shown in the image it’s clearly an issue with the core scripts on roblox’s end. As for the service(s) not being loaded I can try that and I’ll see if that’s the problem, but I highly doubt it. (But you never know)

Can you answer? Did you use getservice?

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There are no modules I am currently using, just a singular localscript the issue is most likely on roblox’s end and I’m looking for a fix to hide the error so the console isn’t clogged.

Yes I have used

local starterGui = game:GetService(“StarterGui”)

maybe at the start of the script

repeat task.wait()
until game:IsLoaded()

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The issue still continues after using that.

then maybe this is a Roblox issue, Roblox has been screwing up a lot of stuff recently, (highlights, getplayerfriends)

isloaded and surely the problem?

and can be done the script problem

I think, bc I get the same error when my character reset :neutral_face:(CoreGui.RobloxGui.Modules.Settings.SettingsHub:1906: attempt to call missing method ‘ClearShareInviteLink’ of table)