Attempt to compare number <= boolean

I have got this error and Iā€™m unsure of how to fix it:

ReplicatedStorage.TerminalSystem.Modules.TerminalModule:32: attempt to compare number <= boolean  -  Server - TerminalModule:32


if not PointsFolder.A.Points.Value >= ValuesFolder.MaxPoints.Value
		and not PointsFolder.B.Points.Value >= ValuesFolder.MaxPoints.Value 
		and not PointsFolder.C.Points.Value >= ValuesFolder.MaxPoints.Value then

Can you take a screenshot of the Maxpoints IntValue?

You might of made it a Boolean instead of a int value.

Unable to take screenshots at the moment, but I can assure you it is an IntValue.

Try a number value instead, as it says you used a boolean. What are booleans? Booleans are values that you can set to true or false.

Are you sure that your looking at the right part of your script? the output shows unable to compare a ā€œ<=ā€ but the script is showing ā€œ>=ā€.

not exactly, int values allow to use numbers and letters.

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Certain, it is the right line.

Realized my mistake, changed from

if not Value >= Value
-- to
if Value <= Value

Just had a simple blank brain moment.

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