Attempt to concatenate string with Instance

Hey there! I am making Simple Antivirus for my game, but then i run it, it says this:

ServerScriptService.Antivirus:8: attempt to concatenate string with Instance


local scriptsFound = 0
local objectScanned = 0

for i, object in pairs(workspace:GetDescendants()) do
	objectScanned += 1
	if object:IsA("Script") or object:IsA("LocalScript") or object:IsA("ModuleScript") then
		scriptsFound += 1
		print("Found Script: "..object.Name.."; Parent: "..object.Parent)

print(objectScanned.." Objects Scanned;".." Scripts Found: "..#scriptsFound)

this line should be object.Parent.Name

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Please use string formatting + object.parent is a direct reference to the parent ( instead of object.parent).

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