Attempt to concatenate string with Instance

I’m coding a donating UI which is finished, but I decided to add to it so whenever someone donates their name appears as the lastest donater and the amount they donated will also appear beside them. However when I try to concat the amount they donated it givees me the error in the title.

Client Side of my script:

Server Side of my script:

Sorry, I clicked post, by accident before adding the pictures

What is the Server script a child of?
Line 3 says Text = Script.Parent. Is it a child of something has a Text.Text property?

Also what script and line number is printed in your Output error?

The Server Script is a child of a TextLabel and The error ocurred on line 25

Just guessing (not a pro), but should line 25 have a set of brackets around both items?


Char limit


The server already knows who sent it, you don’t need to send the Player (this will duplicate the parameters on the server side)

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