"Attempt to connect failed: Passed value is not a function" Book system

So, I’ve been at this for a while now and I can just not manage to get this to work, after some debugging with prints, I’ve managed to pin point the script causing the problem, but what puzzles me is that the prints still work after BookUi’s Visibility is set to true, when the issue I’m having is that the Ui Doesn’t appear.

local evn = game.ReplicatedStorage.InteractionEvent
local PgRun = false
local Page = {}

local function LoadText(CurrLef, CurrRight, Count)
	script.Parent.BookUi.Bckg.PageLeft.Text = Page[CurrLef].Value
	script.Parent.BookUi.Bckg.PageRight.Text = Page[CurrRight].Value
	if CurrLef == 1 then
		script.Parent.BookUi.PgDwn.Visible = false
		script.Parent.BookUi.PgUp.Visible = true
	elseif CurrRight == Count then
		script.Parent.BookUi.PgUp.Visible = false
		script.Parent.BookUi.PgDwn.Visible = true
		script.Parent.BookUi.PgUp.Visible = true
		script.Parent.BookUi.PgDwn.Visible = true

local function PageUp(CurentLeft, CurentRight, PageCount)
	if script.Parent.BookUi.Visible == true and CurentRight ~= PageCount and PgRun == true then
		CurentLeft, CurentRight = CurentRight + 1, CurentLeft + 3
		LoadText(CurentLeft, CurentRight)

local function PageDown(CurentLeft, CurentRight, PageCount)
	if script.Parent.BookUi.Visible == true and CurentLeft ~= 1 and PgRun == true then
		CurentLeft, CurentRight = CurentLeft - 1, CurentRight - 3

		LoadText(CurentLeft, CurentRight, PageCount)

local function Exit(CurrenLeft, CurrenRight)
	--script.Parent.Enabled = false
	script.Parent.BookUi.Visible = false	
	CurrenLeft = 1
	CurrenRight = 2

evn.OnClientEvent:Connect(function(ReadType, Pages, NoteText)
	print("Event Recieved")
if ReadType.Value == 1 then
local PageCount = #Pages
local CurrenLeft = 1
local CurrenRight = 2

		Page = Pages
		print("Table set")
--script.Parent.Enabled = true
	--	wait()
script.Parent.BookUi.Visible = true
LoadText(CurrenLeft, CurrenRight, PageCount)
print("Loading text")

script.Parent.BookUi.PgUp.MouseButton1Down:Connect(function() PgRun = true PageUp(CurrenLeft, CurrenRight, PageCount) wait() PgRun = false end)
script.Parent.BookUi.PgDwn.MouseButton1Down:Connect(function() PgRun = true PageDown(CurrenLeft, CurrenRight, PageCount) wait() PgRun = false end)
script.Parent.BookUi.Bckg.ExitButton.MouseButton1Click:Connect(Exit(CurrenLeft, CurrenRight))	
elseif ReadType.Value == 2 then

if anybody could help me figure out what’s wrong here, that’d be appreciated.

no matter what I do, I get the same “Attempt to connect failed: Passed value is not a function” error, and no indicator of what could be causing it, so I decided to turn to the forums for assistance.

for reference;

“ReadType” is a NumberValue in between 1 and 2(it’s 1 in this case because I haven’t scripted the second part)
“Pages” is a table containning StringValues which should always be in pairs like 2, 4, 6 etc…
“NoteText” is another string value and isn’t used if “ReadType” is equal to 1

(please note that this code is meant to be for a prototype and isn’t very polished or organized, so sorry if it’s all over the place)

Likely cause of this, the Exit function doesn’t return a function for the MouseButton1Click event to fire. You’re calling the Exit function instead of passing it into the event. Likely what you meant to do was something like this inside of those brackets

    Exit(CurrenLeft, CurrenRight)

Thank you, I don’t know how I missed that, you have just saved me a lot of time.

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